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Helping Homeless Dogs On Their Journey to Love, Life, & Happiness.

 At The Red Dog Farm we are committed to saving lives by fostering dogs until they find a safe and loving home.  All of our dogs come from the local community animal shelters.  We bring dogs into our home and treat them as our own.  We tend to their needs, train them, socialize them, and find adopters who will love them and care for them as we have.  

Saving Homeless Dogs One at a Time

Each of us have the ability to make a difference.  Don't know where to begin?  Volunteering at your local animal shelter or becoming a foster home is a great place to start.  


The Red Dog Farm in Inverness, FL is a safe haven for dogs in transition from being in the animal shelter to finding a loving home.  We are Randy and Wanda Moak.  We started fostering dogs from the local shelter to make room for others.  We understand that not all dogs can leave the shelter for reasons of illness or public safety but we firmly believe that no dog should lose its life due to shortage of space.   We opened our home to help lessen the overcrowding in the animal shelters. To date we have had more than 200 adoptions from The Red Dog Farm.  We call our home The Red Dog Farm because most of our dogs are red. We are not a business. We make no money fostering dogs, in fact quite the opposite. We are just two people doing what we can to be part of the solution to a society problem.  If you would like information about how you can become a foster for the community shelters, contact us and we would be happy to share what we've learned along the way.

Our foster dogs become part of the family.  Crates and kennels are available, if needed, but each dog lives with the family to learn good house manners to learn how to be a family pet. 

We offer them the amount of time that they need to rest and recover both mentally and physically before being placed up for adoption.  Foster dogs have access to our fenced and wooded property to run freely, explore, play, and socialize.

Why We Do What We Do

 Animals that find themselves in animal shelters experience feelings similar to the feelings people would feel. Isolation, abandonment, loneliness, uncertainty, and extreme fear. They've done nothing to deserve their plight and they are totally helpless. We as a society have done this. People have choices. Animals don't. People have resources. Animals don't. We, as the community, have to solve the problem of pet overpopulation and homelessness. How a community treats its animals is a direct reflection of those who live there. 

You can help!

Be a voice for the animals.  Take every opportunity to speak with your local county commissioners and State representatives.  Share posts, volunteer, and donate for the animals.  Support spay and neuter programs and tell the decision makers that you demand humane treatment for animals. 

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